Professional COVID-19 Sanitising & Cleaning Service

We are specialists in Coronavirus deep cleaning at ALL types of premises.

If you have a suspected contamination or want to have your premises deep cleaned professionally to greatly reduce the threat of COVID-19,


Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Specialist COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation

KeepIt Klean have developed a coronavirus deep cleaning strategy using guidance from Public Health England to offer a specialist Coronavirus sanitisation service for all non-health care premises that have either suffered from a confirmed case of Coronavirus or wish to take precautionary measures.

Our sanitisation process includes Veridical sanitising to all surfaces, focusing on touch points including equipment, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets etc, depending on your requirements.

We follow this up with a full fogging x-mist process using a powerful germicide and sanitiser to keep your room sterilised for up to 7 days.

Completion of this process will be to:

  • BS EN 1650
  • BS EN 13704
  • BS EN 1276
  • BS EN 14675
  • BS EN 14476
  • EU 2015/830

Our Coronavirus sanitising teams are available 24 hours a day and have an average arrival time of just over one hour in case of emergency.

Each specialist clean is followed up with a full report, pictures and video detailing surfaces and areas covered, when they were cleaned and whom by.

Keep It Klean are also offering precautionary, scheduled daily and weekly cleans for clients requiring the highest levels of hygiene. This service can be bespoke to the requirements of the client but can include daily or weekly fogging and touch point surface sanitising.

How We Clean

If a coronavirus COVID-19 case was present in a place, while symptomatic, decontamination is of the essence.

However with the current situation it is highly recommended to deep clean any public place, work environment, school or premises so as to make sure that there is proper disinfection of all surface areas, equipment, and the disposal of any materials from which the virus could pass on to anyone in the said place.

We make use of protective equipment and specialised cleaning tools and methods to carry out extensive deep cleaning.

In fact we have previous experience with other coronaviruses, the SARS-CoV and the MERS-CoV, where we also carried out deep cleaning services.

Since the risk of infection transmission is high and dependent on various aspects, we do our utmost to deep clean and we are following the applicable rules as suggested by the UK government.

In fact we are currently utilising X-Mist which is a government approved mist that is proven to keep rooms and areas sterilised for up to 7 days. This mist has a powerful broad-spectrum germicide and it is being carried out both as a deep cleaning fogging service as well as for one-off sanitisation services.

Emergency Coronavirus Cleaning

As you may imagine our coronavirus deep cleaning services are currently in high demand.

We are striving to offer our services as efficiently as ever, and we also have an emergency 24 hour coronavirus cleaning service in place. We are committed to provide you with rapid emergency response on a 24/7 basis throughout the UK, as your peace of mind matters to us.